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Top 5 Best Hair Shampoo For Daily Use in 2021 | Perfect Style For U

Haircare is one of the most important routines just like the skincare regime. But we often neglect taking care of our hair. People often wash once a week or more than that. They are of the impression that hair shampoo contains harsh chemicals that could damage the hair. But the good news is that now various shampoos being launched that could be daily.

Top 5 Best Shampoo

Top 5 Best Hair Serum for Smooth hair in 2021 | Perfect style For U

Haircare is one of the most important routines for men and women. Post haircare routine is equally important. Rather than going for hair wax and gels, hair serums are good to go for healthier hair. People often confuse hair oils with hair serums, but both are different. Hair oil provides nourishment to the scalp while hair serums provide nourishment to hair strands. Thus, the serum also helps in styling the hair without any damage

Top 3 Best After Shave Balm in 2021 | Perfect Style For U

 Balm, on the other hand, contains no alcohol and tends to nourish the skin. Balm also softens and nourishes the skin. Though it is less fragrant than lotion, it is much gentler on the skin. The balm is white, contains antioxidants, and when applied to the skin, it leaves it smooth and irritation-free.

Top 3 Best Post Shave Gel in 2021 | Perfect Style For U

A non-alcoholic gel-based aftershave is referred to as a post-shave gel. When applied, it has a cooling and soothing effect. This aids in the prevention of redness. It dries quickly and contains essential vitamins and minerals. After shaving, this helps to keep the skin healthy.

Top 3 Best Aftershave Lotion in 2021 | Perfect Style For U

The Lotion is a water-based product that contains alcohol. Furthermore, the alcohol kills bacteria and acts as an antiseptic. With the introduction of natural ingredients, In aftershave lotion, the alcohol content has been replaced by pure grain alcohol. In some cases, no alcohol is used at all.

Top 3 Best Pre Shave Oil in 2021 | Perfect Style For U

Pre Shave Oil is nothing but acts as a smoothening agent for beard and stubbles. Often the stubbles are hardest to remove, hence a proper regime should be followed to smooth it. People often think that the oil would disrupt the face of those who have oily faces. By the term, Pre Shave Oil is not completely oil-based but a kind of moisturizing soap that opens the pores and smoothens the stubble. They act as an added advantage to prevent razor cuts and other incidents from shaving.

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