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How to Style a Sports Trim T-shirt

Sports trim T-shirt, also called Varsity T-shirt has been gaining popularity in the latest fashion trends. Generally, people confuse sports trim outfit with sportswear, but there is a lot of difference between the two. Sportswear comes in various materials such as polyester, nylon, or quick-dry cotton to soak up the sweat, etc. But sports trim outfit is a casual outfit made up of cotton for a sporty look. Sports trim outfit is mostly inspired by basketball and baseball outfit. The outfit has a contrast-colored panel at either end of the outfit.

How to style sports trim T-shirt
Grey sports Trim T-shirt

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Varsity T-shirt as Style Statement

In men’s fashion, sports trim outfit comes in T-shirts and joggers. In women’s fashion sports trim outfit comes in Tops, Tees, joggers, T-shirt dress, etc. If we talk about solid sports trim T-shirts there is a contrast-colored panel at the end of the sleeves, but a printed Varsity T-shirt has panel and varsity numbers and city name like New York, Amsterdam city name on chest print.

Red Sports Trim T-shirt

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Red sports Trim T-shirt. I have matched it with navy blue jeans and blue sneakers to maintain the 2 color look.

The color black: Most famous color in Sports trim T-shirt

Initially, and still, the most popular color in sports trim T-shirt is the black color with contrast white-colored side panel. When teamed up with medium blue color jeans and white sneakers makes a great style statement for both boys and girls. But somehow the pairing up with blue jeans has changed and have started experimenting with different color jeans like olive, peach, and many more colored jeans.

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Black Sports Trim T-shirt

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How to style Sports Trim T-shirt | The Color Co-ordination

Like in my previous article, I have always focused on the two-tone color look or three-tone color look with the inclusion of neutral color. Similarly, while matching them we have to keep these rules in mind. Or if you want to try something unique, match the sneakers with the panel color. The majority of the panel is usually of white or black color, hence white or black sneakers go best. But my preference would be to match the sneakers with either T-shirt or  Jeans color.

Clay sports Trim T-shirt with navy jeans and navy sneakers

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How to style sports trim T-shirt

How to style sports trim T-shirt
Grey Sports Trim matched with navy jeans and navy sneakers

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Sports trim T-shirt outfit is not just a casual outfit anymore, you could wear this outfit in an airport. And worthwhile, it has become part of athleisure outfit too.

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