How to Style a Sweater for Men and Women in 2024

How to Style a Sweater for Men and Women in 2024

Winter is over, but the retention of wearing warm clothes like sweaters yet remains. Sweaters (American English) or Jumper (British English), or Cardigan or Pullover is however, spun woolen cloth made for winters. Sweaters are of numerous types based on the neck patterns.

How to Style a Sweater for Men and Women in 2024 | Classification of Sweaters

  • V-neck Pullover
  • Round neck sweaters or Crew neck Sweaters
  • Turtle neck Jumper
  • High Neck Cardigan

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How to Style a Sweater for Men and Women in 2024 | The Color- Coordination

Inside a sweater, moreover wear a t-shirt that matches the color of the outfit but my personal favorite would be to wear a contrast-colored shirt, with rolled-up sleeves, to give a decent yet stylish look. This looks suits both formal and casual look and makes you stand apart.

How to Style a Sweater | The Perfect way to Carry a Sweater Look

Green sweater with White Tee

How to Style a Sweater for Men

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How to Style a Sweater

Sweaters usually are either sleeveless (also called Sweater Vest if itโ€™s a V-neck) or full sleeves though half sleeves and three-fourth sleeves are seldom designed. We often think sweaters and sweatshirts are synonyms, but in summers, sweatshirts can be worn. Also, the material has thick cotton and has padding inside them to absorb moisture.

How to Style a Sweater for Men

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I relish the winter because you get to experiment with clothes. Even a muffled, plain shirt looks amazing when teamed up with a sweater. Moreover, the sweater also comes in various patterns like solid, striped, geometric print, etc. Hollywood celebrities have been following this trend for so long when they go out for a Sunday brunch during winters.

Style Tip: Try to match the footwear color with the sweater to add a little bit of style quotient to your outfit. Looks Trendy!

How to Style a Sweater for Men
Green Sweater with color-coordinated shoes

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Quote: There is just something about sweaters, keeping you warm during cold, so that you can enjoy the beauty of a snowflake. Walking on snow like no one else makes you feel special.

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