Spring Look Book

What to wear with Maroon Blazer | Spring Look Book

What can be said more about the maroon-colored blazer, it is one of the most sophisticated looks of all time. Men can carry it with formal trousers or jeans while Women can carry it with trousers, jeans or even skirts.

Spring Look Book | Types Of Blazer

  • Single-breasted blazer
  •  Double-breasted blazer

Single-breasted blazer has a single string of buttons with narrow fabric overlapping while double-breasted blazer has wide fabric overlapping with two strings of button.

Blue Denim jacket

How To Style A Denim Jacket in 2021

If you guys are confused about pairing these jackets, the best way is to keep in mind the two-tone look. That is with Blue Denim jacket you could team up with Navy Blue jeans and navy blue shoes. Or Blue Denim jacket with Black Jeans with Black Shoes. However, If you don’t have such a matching combination, the best way to pair it with any colored jeans and white shoes which look minimalist.

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