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How to wear Polo T-shirt | Summer Look Book

Teamed up with dark trousers or jeans like black or navy blue color, a perfect Polo T-shirt is good to go, whether it’s a casual date or a Sunday Brunch. Nowadays, even the office attire consists of a Polo T-shirt.

Summer Look Book | Types Of Polo T-shirt

Pique Polo

Pique knit however constitutes the Pique Polo or Textured polo.

Rugby Polo

Rugby Polo however comes under Broad Striped Tee categories

Colored Polo

Two piles of thread make up the fabric. Generally knitted together to give a soft, rich look, one pile is a colored one and another pile is a white one.

How to wear a Polo T-shirt | About Us
Purple Polo T-shirt
Blue Striped T-shirt

How to carry Stripes Fashion in 2021

Striped T-shirts for men are one of the classic fashion styles this summer. Stripes are just not limited to women fashion only, now men also can carry stripes as a style statement. 

Stripes are generally categorized as horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. Striped t-shirts should be worn according to body types. 

How to Style a Sports Trim T-shirt in 2021 | Perfect Style For U

Sports trim T-shirt, also called Varsity T-shirt has been gaining popularity in the latest fashion trends. Generally, people confuse sports trim outfit with sportswear, but there is a lot of difference between the two. Sportswear comes in various materials such as polyester, nylon, or quick-dry cotton to soak up the sweat, etc.

Red Sports Trim T-shirt

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