Winter Look Book

Winter Look Book | How to Style a Sweater

Inside a sweater, wear a t-shirt that matches the color of the outfit but my personal favorite would be to wear a contrast-colored shirt, with rolled-up sleeves, to give a decent yet stylish look. Whether formal or casual look, this look can be carried out easily.

Winter Look Book | Classification of Sweaters

  • V-neck Pullover
  • Round neck sweaters or Crew neck Sweaters
  • Turtle neck Jumper
  • High Neck Cardigan

Sweaters usually are either sleeveless (also called Sweater Vest if it’s a V-neck) or full sleeves though half sleeves and three-fourth sleeves are seldom designed.

Winter Look Book
Green Sweater
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Maroon Blazer

Winter Look Book | What to wear with Maroon Blazer

What can be said more about the maroon-colored blazer, it is one of the most sophisticated looks of all time. Men can carry it with formal trousers or jeans while Women can carry it with trousers, jeans or even skirts.

Types Of Blazer

  • Single-breasted blazer
  •  Double-breasted blazer

Single-breasted blazer has a single string of buttons with narrow fabric overlapping while double-breasted blazer has wide fabric overlapping with two strings of button.

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