Best Winter Outfits trends for Men and Women in 2024

Best Winter Outfits trends for Men and Women in 2024

What can be said more about winter outfits, it is one of the most sophisticated layered looks of all time. Men can carry it with formal trousers or jeans while Women can carry it with trousers, jeans, or even skirts. Whether formal or casual occasions, winter outfits can be easily carried out. In this post, I am describing various outfit trends to try this winter.

If you are going to meet some friends or even for a date, just wear a simple Tee, jeans and a Winter outfit! They are available in numerous tones, prints, and designs. With the onset of winter, it’s a must-have outfit.

Best Winter Outfits trends for Men and Women in 2024 | Top Outfits

Blazer and Coats

Blazers and coats are one of the most stylish looks of all time. It could be carried out both on formal and casual occasions. The maroon color is my tone for the blazer because the maroon color is a rare combination that can be carried out with both light and dark trousers and jeans, yet looking elegant!

  • Formal Look: Always wear a white shirt inside a maroon blazer with black trousers and black formal shoes. It gives a corporate look and you are good to go!
  • Semi-Formal Look:  These occasions might be an office lunch or dinner, so black is my pick for the color coordination with the maroon blazer. Either go for Black Tee or a Black shirt matched with black chinos to give a two-tone look. For shoes, however, you could opt for Black leather shoes or Black Loafers.
  • Casual Look or Date Look: This is one of the most relaxed looks. But the rule is to be minimalist. You could either opt for neutral-tone colors like black, white, or grey. Or team with light blue jeans. For shoes, I would suggest sneakers or loafers. I personally prefer white sneakers to match my date look.

Style Tip: Add a black necktie if you are wearing a shirt inside the blazer to complement the look.



Sweaters (American English) or Jumpers (British English), or Cardigan or Pullovers is, however, spun woolen cloth made for winter. They are numerous types based on neck patterns.

  • V-neck Pullover
  • Round neck sweaters or Crew neck Sweaters
  • Turtle neck Jumper
  • High Neck Cardigan

Inside a sweater, moreover, wear a t-shirt that matches the color of the outfit but my personal favorite would be to wear a contrast-colored shirt, with rolled-up sleeves, to give a decent yet stylish look. Whether formal or casual look, this look can be however carried out easily.

Denim Jacket

Denim Jackets also called Jean jacket or the Trucker jacket is the only layered outfit that can be carried out in almost any season be it summer, winter, or any other season. It has been the latest trend among celebrities for a long time. You can sport celebrities wearing denim jackets in the airport, at award functions, at Sunday brunch, and on many other occasions.

Among them, Blue color is the most preferred color. Men have started teaming up with semi-formal looks, casual looks, Indian attire, and many more. While women have started pairing it with Jumpsuits, skirts, and various attires.

Best Winter Outfits trends
Blue Denim Jacket

The best way to style is the two-tone look. That is with a Blue Denim jacket you could team up with Navy Blue jeans and navy blue shoes. Or a Blue Denim jacket with Black Jeans with Black Shoes. However, If you don’t have such a matching combination, the best way to pair it with any colored jeans and white shoes which look minimalist.

Style Tip: Add a matching scarf to look more stylish and trendy

A sulphur-dyed denim jacket or colored denim jacket is also trending nowadays. The colors include Khaki, White, Beige, Green, and many more colors. The best way to pair them is to go for a monotone look if you are self-confident. For eg, a Green Denim jacket with Green Jeans, a Khaki Denim jacket with Khaki trousers, etc. Else, the best way to pair it with navy blue jeans or black trousers, is evergreen combinations.

Best Winter Outfits trends
Beige Denim Jacket

Corduroy Jacket

A Corduroy Jacket is moreover, a form of processed velvety ribs to give raised parallel lines on the outer jacket material. It looks stylish and is a lightweight jacket. It is also available in numerous colors and styled just like a denim jacket.

Best Winter Outfits trends
Olive Corduroy Jacket

Best Winter Outfits trends for Men and Women in 2024 | Conclusion

There is just something about these outfits, keeping you warm during cold so that you can enjoy the beauty of a snowflake. Walking on snow like no one else makes you feel special. They aren’t a clothing outfits anymore, it’s a part of the personality, telling a story with what you wear is key to your identity.

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