Best Outfit Colors for Dark Skin Men and Women in 2024

Best Outfit Colors for Dark Skin Men and Women

Dark skin or Brown skin tone is also one of the most underrated skin tones. Many people often don’t understand what colors would go well and what not. There are tons of advice available on the internet which I don’t completely agree with. We Indians are more towards the dusky skin tone and some have created wonderful color co-ordinations which I would be discussing here. First, let’s discuss some of the colors that we should avoid.

  1. Too Dark Colors: Too dark colors include jet black, dark brown, etc,. The problem most people face is that they color coordinate the entire outfit from t-shirts to trousers in dark color combinations which could lead to fashion disaster.
  2. Too Bright Colors: Similarly, including too bright colors like yellow, red, neon, etc,. from head to toe could also lead to fashion disaster.

Here is an example of a white color t-shirt that didn’t work well on my skin tone.

Best Outfit Colors for Dark Skin for Men and Women in 2024 | Colors to try 

Earthy Tone Colors

One of the finest colors that go with any skin tone specifically dark and brown skin tone. Earthy tone colors include colors such as Olive, Tan, Khaki, Brown, Beige, etc. You could either opt for a monochrome look like full olive color.

The second option is pairing an earthy tone color with another earthy tone color.

The third option is pairing with a neutral color that is more subtle

Medium Blue and Denim Coordination

Nothing goes wrong when teaming up with perfect denim. But make sure to avoid light-colored denim. You could go for Denim on Denim combination.

denim jacket with navy jeans

Other combinations include pairing a medium blue color t-shirt and jeans or pairing a subtle color with blue jeans. Also Try pairing a pastel color if possible.

Best Outfit Colors for Dark Skin


Best Outfit Colors for Dark Skin

Neutral color Combination

This is also a very tricky combination that could either be a style blunder if not coordinated well.

Moreover, Include an element of grey color and avoid white if possible.

Best Outfit Colors for Dark Skin

Best Outfit Colors for Dark Skin in 2024 | Conclusion

I have moreover, discussed all the colors that go well with dark, dusky, or brown skin tone. However individual to individual preference differs. And however, some colors that may suit one person may not suit some other person. It’s up to you to try and experiment with as many colors as you want as long as you feel confident.

Best Outfit Colors for Dark Skin

If you think the Olive color is a great combination for dark skin tones, check out my entire article on styling Olive jeans.

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