How to style a sweater | The perfect sweater look for men

How to carry stripes fashion for men in India 2021

How to carry stripes fashion for men in India 2020

Striped T-shirts for men are one of the classic fashion styles this summer. Stripes are just not limited to women fashion only, now men also can carry stripes as a style statement. Stripes are generally categorized as horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. Striped t-shirts should be worn according to body types. Slim people should wear stripes which have more distance among them to look more healthy and accentuates the body type and vice versa.

Light Blue Striped T-shirt

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How to carry stripes fashion for men | The Classification

  • Narrow Stripes
  • Broad Stripes
  • Horizontal Stripes
  • Vertical Stripes

Narrow Stripes

The majority of the narrow stripes is of two color combination and three color combination. The stripe would be either white or black color. Else the stripe would be of same color palette, like light blue T-shirt with navy stripes, light green T-shirt with dark green stripes etc. They are worn to take away the focus from the weight of the body that is to give a slim look. Majority of the formal striped shirts are narrow stripes.

Light Blue Striped T-shirt

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Broad Stripes

Broad stripes comes in different color combination. It gives impression more of an athletic body type. The more the distance between the stripes it more accentuates your body type, just like the striped t-shirt I am wearing. I have teamed with navy blue jeans and navy blue shoes to maintain the two color look. Broad stripes are mostly worn in casual wear outfits.

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Horizontal and Vertical Stripes

Men generally sport horizontal striped t-shirt for casual wear. I have teamed up a sky blue striped T-shirt with navy blue jeans to give nevertheless, a more elegant look. Look at the difference between the distance of stripes and how notwithstanding, it accentuates your body type.

Light Blue Striped T-shirt

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For formal occasions, however men could either sport a horizontal or vertical striped shirt. But for women, the styling is different. They could however, sport striped outfit on any occasion. Although, for a job interview, a striped shirt is an ideal formal outfit to make a long-lasting impression.

Red Formal Vertical striped shirt

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The changing trends

In earlier times, only T-shirts and shirts had stripes. But now, different outfit have started sporting the stripe pattern. However, even the latest pattern on inner wear consists of stripes. However,one of the most common stripe pattern you would find on outfits are Denim Jackets, Cardigans and Denim Jeans.

How to carry stripes fashion for men
Black jeans with red side stripes

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Corduroy Jacket
Black Jeans with Red side Stripes

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Style Home
Stripped sweater with matching Tee inside

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How to style a sweater | The perfect sweater look for men
V-neck red Striped sweater

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Style Tip: Whenever you are sporting a striped outfit, the other outfit that you would pair should always be a basic one. Nevertheless, this allows the outfit to be not overly styled with design and keeps it minimalist.

       Remember, never underestimate the power of a perfectly striped shirt

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