How to wear Polo T-shirt | The Perfect Way to Carry a Polo Shirt Look

How to Style a Polo T-shirt in 2021 | Perfect Style For U

How to style a Polo T-shirt

“How to Style a Polo T-shirt” this has been a common question among many people. Polo T-shirts has always been one of the eye-catching trend of all time. It not only looks elegant but also accentuates the physical features of a person, makes the person looks more fit. Not only men, but women can equally carry off this look with elegance.

How to style a Polo T-shirt  | The Color Co-ordination

Teamed up with dark trousers or jeans like black or navy blue color, a perfect Polo T-shirt is good to go, whether it’s a casual date or a Sunday Brunch. Nowadays, even the office attire consists of a Polo T-shirt. The styling of the Polo T-shirt is minimalism that is you don’t see much of a printed Polo T-shirt and more of a solid or striped Polo T-shirt.

How to wear Polo T-shirt | The Perfect Way to Carry a Polo Shirt Look
Purple Golf Shirt

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The Perfect Way to Carry a Polo Shirt Look   | History

Polo T-shirts or Tennis Shirts were worn in the game of Tennis, . Later on, worn in the game of Golf, hence the name Golf shirts. But somehow, the collared T-shirt with one or more buttons got more popularity. People started wearing it as a casual outfit. Hence the name Polo Shirt or Polo T-shirt. A Polo shirt is a collared shirt with at most three buttons and an optional pocket.

How to style a Polo T-shirt | Types of Polo T-shirt

Pique Polo

Pique knit however constitutes the Pique Polo or Textured polo. Whenever we touch such T-shirts, they are usually hard or rough on the surface. This is among the most common Polo T-shirts.

Style Tip: Denim jeans are a great way to pair it with Pique Polo.

How to wear a Polo T-shirt | The Perfect Way to Carry a Polo Shirt Look
Pique Polo

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Rugby Polo

Rugby Polo however comes under Broad Striped Tee categories. Mainly used as sports attire of Rugby game, now these Tee have become a casual attire. The material mostly consists of cotton material, but sometimes comes in nylon or polyester material when used for playing sports.

Style Tip: Rugby Polo looks great with dark-colored chinos or jeans


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Colored Polo

Two piles of thread make up the fabric. Generally knitted together to give a soft, rich look, one pile is a colored one and another pile is a white one.

Style Tip: Colored Polo can be carried in formal occasions, hence they should be teamed up with chinos to give a rich, sophisticated look.

Colored Polo
Colored Polo

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Pro Tip: Always wear a pair of loafers or sneakers to give that rich, sophisticated look



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