How to Style a Denim jacket for Men and Women in 2023

How to Style a Denim jacket for Men and Women in 2023

Denim Jackets, also called Jean jacket or the Trucker jacket, is the only layered outfit that can be carried out in almost any season be it summer, winter, or any other season. Denim jackets have been the latest trend among celebrities for a long time. You can sport celebrities wearing denim jackets in the airport, award functions, for Sunday brunch, and many other occasions.


denim jacket with navy jeans

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In 1880, Levi Strauss created the first Jean jacket

 The Introduction

Initially, denim jackets used to come in a few colors only like blue, black, and grey. Now the experiment of colors in denim jackets has taken a rise in the latest fashion trends. Denim jackets are mostly blue due to the use of Indigo dye while processing. Now it comes in various colors apart from blue due to the use of Sulphur dye.

How to Style a Denim jacket for Men and Women in 2023 | THE RULE OF 3

While wearing a denim jacket, the rule of 3 should be followed. There should be a combination of at most two unique colors and one neutral color when the Denim jacket is teamed up with outfits. This includes a jacket and shoes to be at most of 3 different colors that go with the combination. The neutral color includes White, Black, and Grey color.  Although, the color combination can be less than 3 also, like 2 colors or monochrome look.  Denim jackets are basic colored jackets like blue, black, and grey or unique colored jacket like maroon, beige, etc.

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Indigo Dyed Denim Jacket

Indigo Dyed Denim Jacket, also considered as basic colored denim jacket are most common as they could be matched with any outfit. Among them, Blue color is the most preferred color. Men have started teaming up with semi-formal look, casual look, Indian attire, and many more. While women have started pairing it with Jumpsuits, skirts, and various attires.

How to Style a Denim jacket for Men

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If you guys are confused about pairing these jackets, the best way is to keep in mind the two-tone look. That is with Blue Denim jacket you could team up with Navy Blue jeans and navy blue shoes. Or Blue Denim jacket with Black Jeans with Black Shoes. However, If you don’t have such a matching combination, the best way to pair it with any colored jeans and white shoes which look minimalist.

Style Tip: Add a matching scarf to look more stylish and trendy

Sulphur Dyed Denim Jacket

Sulphur dyed denim jacket or colored denim jacket is trending nowadays. The colors include Khaki, White, Beige, Green, and many more colors. The best way to pair them is to go for a monotone look if you are self-confident. For eg, a Green Denim jacket with Green Jeans, Khaki Denim jacket with Khaki trousers etc. Else, the best way to pair it with navy blue jeans or black trousers, these are evergreen combinations.

How to Style a Denim jacket for Men

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Striped Denim Jacket

One  of the latest emerging trends of denim jacket is a striped Denim Jacket. These stripes either come as  Panel Stripe or Horizontal Stripes. It looks super trendy when paired with jeans or trousers.

How to Style a Denim jacket for Men
Panel Striped Denim Jacket

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How to style a Denim Jacket | Denim Blazers And Denim Waistcoat

Gone are the days when the jacket consists of only denim material. Nowadays, denim blazers and denim waistcoat are available which could  be carried on formal occasions or during any ceremony event like parties etc. With formal attire, you could wear a denim blazer or denim waistcoats on top. In fact, for a Sunday brunch or hanging out with friends, you could also wear them. Looks Stylish!

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The Denim jacket isn’t a clothing outfit anymore, its a part of personality, telling a story with what you wear is key to your identity.

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