What to wear with Maroon Blazer for Men in 2024

 What to wear with Maroon Blazer for Men in 2024

What can be said more about the maroon-colored blazer, it is one of the most sophisticated looks of all time. Men can carry it with formal trousers or jeans while Women can carry it with trousers, jeans or even skirts. Whether formal or casual occasions, still blazers can be easily carried out. In this post, I am describing various combinations that could be carried out with maroon-colored blazer.

What to wear with Maroon Blazer for Men | The Perfect  Combination.

If you are going to meet some friends or even for a date, just wear a simple Tee, jeans and a Blazer! Blazers are also available in numerous tones, prints, and designs. But my preference would be a simple solid Maroon color Blazer, as the tone matches almost any occasion, be it formal or casual. Blazers got more popular after people spotted celebrities wearing blazer almost on any occasion and looks classy!

The famous personage Sherlock Holmes and James Bond nevertheless, have a unique sense of style and their style quotient is ‘The Blazers’. I have never seen a high ranked executive or CEO attending any occasion without blazers.

What to wear with Maroon Blazer | The Perfect Maroon Blazer Combo

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What to wear with Maroon Blazer for Men in 2024 | Types of Blazer

  • Single-breasted blazer
  •  Double-breasted blazer

Single-breasted blazer has a single string of buttons with narrow fabric overlapping while double-breasted blazer has wide fabric overlapping with two strings of button.

What to wear with Maroon Blazer | The Perfect Maroon Blazer Combo

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The part of the blazer beneath the collar is however folded on either side of the opening. Lapels are of three types

  • Notched
  • Peaked
  • Shawl

Single-breasted blazer has notched lapel in common whereas double-breasted blazer has peaked lapel in common.

What to wear with Maroon Blazer | The Perfect Maroon Blazer Combo

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How to Style a Maroon Colored Blazer for Men | The button rule

  • One-button blazer
  • Two-button blazer
  • Three-button blazer

We should always unbutton while seated and button-up while standing. In two-button and three-button blazer, the lower button is never fastened whereas, in three-button blazer, the top button is optional.

Single-breasted one-button blazer with notch lapel
Single-breasted one-button blazer with notch lapel

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The Perfect Color Co-ordination

  • Formal Look: Always wear a white shirt also inside a maroon blazer with black trousers and black formal shoes. It gives a corporate look and you are good to go!
  • Semi-Formal Look:  These occasions however might be an office lunch or dinner, so black is my pick for the color coordination with maroon blazer. Either go for Black Tee or Black shirt matched with black chinos to give a two-tone look. For shoes however, you could opt for Black leather shoes or Black Loafers.
  • Casual Look or Date Look: This is one of the most relaxed look. But the rule is to be minimalist. You could either opt for neutral tone color like black, white or grey. Or team with light blue jeans . For shoes, I would suggest sneakers or loafers. I personally prefer white sneakers to match my date look.

Style Tip: Moreover, Add a black necktie if you are wearing a shirt inside the blazer to complement the look.


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What to wear with Maroon Blazer in 2024 | Conclusion

Also, If you are looking to buy a decent and trendy blazer check out the blazer I am wearing from Amazon. Given below is the table on how to color coordinate with maroon blazer in formal, semi-formal and casual occasion.

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