Best Post Shave Gel

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Best Post Shave Gel

Shaving has been one of the most common procedures for hair removal among men and women. Though the trend for shaving among men has reduced with the advent of beard popularity, still a vast majority opt for face shaving. However, shaving is just not a simple step to use the razor and remove the hair, it needs a proper regime and care. If not done properly, skin tends to get dry and rough post-shaving. There are certain products available for post-shave care:

  1.  Balm
  2.  Lotion
  3.  Gel

How Post Shave Gel is Different

A Post-shave gel is a non-alcoholic gel-based aftershave that gives a cold and soothing effect on application. This helps in preventing any redness. It has a quick-drying effect and contains essential vitamins and minerals that we get from plants. This keeps the skin healthy after shaving.

Aftershave as Makeup Primer

Yes, girls, you have heard it right. Makeup primer which acts as a base foundation to hold the makeup intact, is quite expensive.  So After shave could be used as a makeup primer. The glycerine contained in the aftershave acts as a binding element to hold the makeup intact. And also, aftershave is quite inexpensive compared to Makeup Primer.

Best Post Shave Gel

Biotique Bio Wild Grass Gel (My Recommendation)

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  • Biotique Bio Wild Grass has blends of Tender grasses, Aloe Vera, Valentina and Turmeric, to soothe, hydrate, and safeguard skin after shaving.
  • Hence, it helps eliminate redness, burning, and “shave bumps” while embracing the face with a cool, refreshing feeling.

THE BODY SHOP Post Shave Gel

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  • Also, Calms the appearance of irritated skin after shaving.
  • Help skin feel more comfortable and look healthier.
  • Peruvian maca root and  Aloe vera from Mexico.

Loreal Post-Shave Gel

Best Post Shave Gel

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  • Thus, The Ice-cool effect helps soothe the sensation of razor burns
  • Also, Hydrates skin to help protect against a tight and dry feel
  • Moreover, Skin feels refreshed
  • Finally, Skin feels fragile and tight

Just Peachy Post Shave Gel

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  • Thus Alcohol-Free! It Keeps Your Skin Away From The Horror Of That Fabled Burning Sensation.
  • Also, Packed With The Goodness Of Aloe Vera And Vitamin E To Garner Glow And Glamour.
  • Furthermore, it Heals Cuts; Alleviates Any Stubborn Twinge Of Pain.
  • Moreover, Restores Vitality Of Skin. 100% Vegan. Not Tested On Animals
  • Finally, Eases The Post-Shave Friction And Hydrates It Well. Relaxes, Soothes And Appeases One’S Skin With Its Viscosity
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